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What time is it?

It's time for new music!

I decided to write--and hopefully record--a new album this year. It's been nearly 15 years since my last recording and serious songwriting. A lot has happened since then, and the fullness of life didn't leave much room in my head and heart for songwriting. Even Enya took a 6 year break! But I'm feeling an itch now, so I'm exploring ideas, listening to other people's music, podcasts, reading books.

After listening to this interview (Jen Pollock Michel Reimagines Productivity • The Habit), I added this book to my reading list. Since one catalyst for my decision is turning 55 -- the threshold for some seniors' discounts! -- then time is a good theme to ponder, especially kronos and kairos time.

Last week, Enya's song, "Only Time," was on repeat in my head. I mentioned it here.

The next interview in my podcast queue was Melanie Penn Feels More Alive • The Habit. What did she talk about? Time, of course. I couldn't have planned it better. Here are some of her reflections:

I've always been interested in time and the concept of time. And pair that with the urgency I've always felt to make something of myself and get to the top ... are we really racing against the clock here on earth to get things done?
And I think that as Christians we can let go of those fears and urgencies, because, if it's true that we have eternal life, and that eternal life has already started, that actually means that the urgency goes away. In some things, not in everything ...
So, like, when I look at my career or things that I want to accomplish, and I am able to look at them, it's like, "Oh! I actually have forever!"
Like, "Oh, I wanna make 50 new albums before I die. Well, maybe death isn't actually the timeline. I'm going to be making albums forever and ever. And so that means, if I'm marching actually towards more eternity and not death, that means I'm getting more alive every day, not less.
And that helps me on many levels. It helps me career-wise, it helps me as I get older. It helps me with my vanity as I see myself aging. I'm like, "Hey, I'm getting more alive. This is something to celebrate."

And here's Melanie's song about that eternal perspective.

Then there's Rich Mullins, reflecting on aging and the Prodigal Son. We are all prodigals on some level, and we all need the Father God to restore us.

So, those are some rambling thoughts for today. I'll be posting reflections here on the blog, but I'll also be sending out private newsletters with more personal updates, AND if you sign up (below), I'll give you a download code for one of my previous albums.

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