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I am a publisher

Sometimes it feels strange to own a certain identity: I'm a writer. I'm an editor. I'm an author. I'm a publisher.

For decades, "writer" has felt good on me and everybody who read my writing seemed to appreciate it. "Editor" was obvious: I can spot misplaced apostrophe from a mile away, and I love to banter about comma placement and semicolon usage. But I didn't talk much about being a publisher, even after bringing several books into the world. I felt a bit shy about it, to tell the truth. People were often surprised to hear that I am a publisher--people who I assumed knew this already. One person said, "Oh, I thought you were an editor!" Ah. You have to talk about things if you want people to know them. And, after a year and a half of full-time publishing and author coaching, I want to tell the world!

‐------------ p.s. Know any writers who need encouragement to become authors?

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