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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

My heart can hear the softly accented lilt of Grandma's voice calling out her special name for me. Once, when our Yellow Rose of Texas was visiting her native state, she heard a woman call out to a little girl, "Colleenie Dahlin'! Get in the cah!" Grandma loved the term of endearment and brought it home to Saskatchewan for me, her very own Colleenie Dahlin'.

My step-daughter was 10 when I met her dad, whom I married just before she turned 12. When she learned about Grandma's nickname for me, she used it affectionately for awhile. Now she's almost 21 and it's been a few years since she used that term of endearment, but I treasure it as a special memory of our early connections.

I envision this blog as a collection of musings on family history and loving connections, the ways we are shaped by the people who have gone before us and those who have surrounded us, the people who have been good to us, even those who have not been so good, but mostly the myriad reasons we become endeared to one another and what effect that has. I imagine reflecting on my childhood, the women and men who raised me (especially the women), and the woman I have become and am still becoming.

This blog is about me and my people.

May you feel love and warmth gathering here.

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